A well-balanced body functions harmoniously. Small distortions create stress, which for a time the body can compensate for, however as stress increases the likelihood of pain, discomfort, inflammation, and sickness increases.

The way your teeth bite together, where your jaw sits, how your cranial bones interrelate, the balance of muscles & bones throughout your body right down to your toes can all create issues that we might first see in your jaw and teeth.

Dr Tom takes a whole body approach to TMJ and headaches, looking for the distortion patterns in posture, alignment and occlusion that set up the cascade of symptoms of regularly seen in clients. Having been mentored by Dr Bill Kellner-Read, Dr Tom utilises a broad range of diagnostic tools and treatments to reduce symptoms whilst striving to resolve the cause. Treatment is always carried out with referral to appropriate allied health and medical health practitioners to ensure long term rehabilitation and restoration to health.



Dr Tom is on sabbatical at present.

He has limited availability for online consultations.

If there is an urgent need, please be patient and get in touch via email or social media to arrange a time to talk.