We were made for community, to encourage, empower, learn and protect. Human bodies themselves are the most incredible communities with many parts joined and working together to push us through life. Thus when something goes wrong it is rarely only one component that is affected. One practitioner may provide significant help but with a team we can truly see whole body healing take place.

Working with other practitioners is one of Dr Tom’s favourite aspects of providing care. It has been his pleasure to work alongside practitioners in a diverse range of fields: nutritional, integrative and functional medicine, naturopaths, chiropractors, osteopaths, bowen therapists, physiotherapists, myofascial therapists, kinesiologists, bioresonance therapists, speech pathologists, nutritionists, podiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and more.

If you are a health care practitioner interested in working with Dr Tom, please get in touch.




Dr Tom is on sabbatical at present.

He has limited availability for online consultations.

If there is an urgent need, please be patient and get in touch via email or social media to arrange a time to talk.